Schiedel Twin Wall ICID PLUS

Firestop Components

Round Ventilated Firestop Plate

Magnetic Firestop Cover Plate Kit

Ventilated Support Plate - 2 Piece

Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate

Non Combustible Floor Support Plate

Bunglaow Firestop Kits

All Unventilated Bungalow Firestop Kits may only be used on a combustible ceiling in a bungalow where there is a minimum 60mm distance to combustibles where the chimney penetrates the ceiling area and where the roof space above the ceiling is open and ventilated. Within the roof space, a protective wire mesh framework must be built around the chimney to ensure the minimum 60mm distance to combustibles is maintained.

Bungalow Round Firestop Plate - 1 Piece

Bungalow Round Firestop Plate - 2 Piece

Bungalow Square Firestop Plate - 1 Piece